Health & Recuperation Suites

Prime Development is the promoter of the Health and Recuperation Suites concept:

Designed to cater to post-treatment patients who have travelled to the UK for private medical procedures, the Health and Recuperation Suites will blend the premium facilities of a top luxury hotel with the 24-hour medical and nursing support of a convalescent unit.

Targeting affluent International patients, and luxury and business travellers with concerns about health, the premium facilities – from spas and nutrition to 24 hour nursing – will make the Health & Recuperation Suites first in its class.

The success of the hotel will be reliant on establishing and maintaining strategic relationships with top intermediaries who will guarantee the provision of clients, including hospital groups and clinics, surgeons, embassies and medical attachés, and insurance companies.


  • 24-hour nursing station
  • Medical support from a network of local physicians and consultants
  • Bespoke nutrition programmes
  • Luxury hotel specially designed to cater for recovering guests
  • Therapy spa staffed by medically trained professionals
  • Relaxation spa offering signature treatments
  • Integration Into the Medical Tourism Eco System